The Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) Internship Program supports the exchange of students between universities and industry, governmental laboratories as well as non-profit organizations by offering a platform for employers to present available positions (section "Internship Offers"), and for students to post their applications (section "Internship Applications").

Internships are limited-time real work experiences offered to students who seek to gain insight into the professional work environment, or who wish to acquire a particular skill. They provide an opportunity for students and employers to interact, to exchange skills and know-how, and to possibly establish a lasting relationship: Often, employers recruit young employees from their best interns.

This service is free of charge for student- and corporate members of the SCS. Students who are not members of the SCS are still welcome to browse through the offers and to apply for a position. To use the platform, all students need to register as student users (see Registration box).

If you have a question, or if you wish to make a suggestion, please contact us!