What are the benefits of an internship for students and for employers?

Through an internship, a student will

  • get insight into a non-academic chemical/pharmaceutical laboratory, i.e. experience corporate life and culture
  • obtain a better understanding of his/her role as a professional, i.e. obtain a more concrete occupational profile
  • establish first professional contacts to an employer, i.e. start establishing a network outside academia

An employer, on the other hand, will

  • get access to newly trained young talent
  • get access to specific skills and know-how
  • be able to extend the pool of candidates for the recruitment of future employees with known capabilities

Who is offering internships on this portal?

The service is open to companies with SCS corporate membership status.

What kind of work will I be doing?

It is expected that the student will have exposure to "real problems" and will be given the opportunity to experience the corporate culture.

Do I get a salary as an intern?

Yes, the Swiss labor law requires compensation to interns even though this is part of their professional training.

Will I be exposed to confidential information?

This may be the case; if so, you will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), i.e. a legal documentt saying that you will not disclose the confidential information received to third parties.

Do I need to be an SCS member to apply for an internship?

No, you don't necessarily have to be an SCS member! To browse through the (complete) offers, you will have to get a login to the portal (see "Sign up as student" in Registration box) and create a user profile.

If you wish to post an application, you will have to be or become a member. Student membership is 50 CHF per year and gives you a number of other benefits (see "Register as individual member" in Registration box).

Is the program for students of Swiss universities only?

No! Students of universities outside Switzerland are welcome to use the portal. In order to view the offers and to apply for an internship, you will need to register as a student (see "Sign up as student" in Registration box). As a foreign student you are welcome to become a member of the SCS, which will also allow you to post an application (see "Apply for personal membership" in Registration box and section "Apply to Post an Application").

Are there internships offered by employers outside Switzerland?

Most of the internships offered will take place in Switzerland. Many of the SCS corporate members are active globally and may therefore present opportunities abroad.

I am already enrolled in a PhD program; Can I still go for an internship?

You would have to interrupt your PhD studies to do an internship. For students who completed their doctoral studies, most companies have other programs (fellowships and other). The best moment to do an internship here in Switzerland is right after completion of you BSc or MSc studies.